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TRANS-TEST is a new-technology clear plastic blank designed for use with all types of "bare board" testing machines. TRANS-TEST is available in sheets or pre-cut blanks. The blanks are drilled during the bare board testing process to manufacture translator plates. These translator plates are used to adapt the univeral grid test patterns to specific test point locations. TRANS-TEST is engineered for today's surface mount technology, SMT, boards which have densely packed test points.

TRANS-TEST competes favorably with Lexan® polycarbonate sheet or exceeds polycarbonate specifications in the following areas:
•    90% Less static charge
•    Improved flatness
•    Improved warp
•    Quick peel masking film
•    Clean and fast drilling
•    Impact resistant
TRANS-TEST is very competitively priced. Sierry Polymer Company ships all orders from stock within forty-eight hours of order receipt.

Drilling Recommendations For:
Bare Board Test Fixture Blanks
The following recommendations are intended as customer guides only. TRANS-TEST users may find that optimum values for feed rates and drill speeds will vary depending on machine type, drill condition and manufacturer. If you experience any problems when drilling TANS-TEST, please call Sierra Polymer Comapny for addtitional information.

Drill Parameters

•    130º Pointed
•    Extended Flute Lengths
•    Phenolic Entry .022" - .027" Thick
•    Zero Dwell

Drill Speed is 20,000 RPM

Drill Feed Rate in Inches Per Minute

Drill Diameter
In Inches
For Optimum
Clean Chips*
.027 175 150-175 200  
.037 250 200-250 300  
.059 275 200-275 400  
.076 300 250-300 500+

* Results of Sierra Polymer Company tests using an Excellon EX200 machine and Megatool drills.

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